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Research Projects in Biomedical Imaging Lab

1. Fluorescence molecular tomgoraphy (FMT) for small animal imaging

Yue Zhao, Dianwen Zhu, Beikejiang Reheman, Changqing Li, “3D mouse shape reconstruction based on phase-shifting algorithm for fluorescence molecular tomography imaging system”, Applied Optics, 54, 9573-9582 (2015).


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2. X-ray luminescence computed tomography (XLCT) and microCT for small animal imaging

Changqing Li, Arnulfo Mertinez-Davalos, Simon R. Cherry, “Numerical simulation of x-ray luminescence optical tomography for small animal imaging”, Journal of Biomedical Optics, 19, 4, 046002 (2014).


Changqing Li, Kun Di, Julien Bec, Simon R. Cherry S, “X-ray luminescence optical tomography imaging: experimental studies”, Optics Letters, 38, 2339-2341 (2013).


3. Cerenkov luminescence imaging and applications

Li CQ, Mitchell GS, Cherry SR, "Cerenkov luminescence tomography for small animal imaging", Optics Letters, 35, 1109-111 (2010)


Robertson R, Germanos MS, Li CQ, Mitchell GS, Cherry SR, and Silva MD, "Optical imaging of Cerenkov light generation from positron-emitting radiotracers," Phys Med Biol 54, N355-N365 (2009). 


4. Simultaneous FMT and positron emission tomography (PET) imaging for small animal

Li CQ, Yang YF, Mitchell GS, Leahy RM, Cherry SR, "Simultaneous PET and multispectral 3-dimensional fluorescence optical tomography imaging system", J. Nuclear Medicine, 52, 1268-1276 (2011)



Li CQ, Wang GB, Qi JY, Cherry SR, "Three-dimensional fluorescence optical tomography in small-animal imaging using simultaneous positron-emission-tomography priors", Optics Letters, 34, 2933-2935 (2009).