Principal Investigator








Dr. Changqing Li

Associate Professor

Department of Bioengineering, UC Merced

209-228-4777 (o)

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UC Open Access:


Graduate Students

Ignacio Romero, MS (PhD Candidate)



Yile Fang, BS










Jarrod Cortez, BS







Yiping Zhang, MS


Postdoctoral Scholar

Dr. Michael Lun




Lab Alumni

Former graduate students



Dr. Yiping Guo






Dr. Yue Zhao (graduted in August 2018)

Image and Signal Processing Engineer at Spreadtrum Comunications USA Inc






Dr. Baikejiang Reheman (graduated in August 2017)

Process Engineer at HeartFlow Inc


Kun Zhang, MS (Graduated in 2015)

Software engineer at AT&T



Kavita Kumar, MS (Grduated in Dec. 2018)


Former postdoctoral scholars and visiting scholars





Dr. Dianwen Zhu (from 2013 to 2016)

Staff Engineer at ASML






Dr. Wei Zhang (from 2014 to 2017). 

Assistant Professor,  Chinese Academy of Medical Science & Peking Union Medical College, Tianjin, China



Dr. Mahsa Paziresh (From Dec. 2018 to April 2019)



Dr. Shi Sheng, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong Univeristy of Science and Technology



Dr. Yiwen Ma, Associate Professor, Tianjin University, China

(from 2017 to 2018)


Former Undergraduate Researchers

Man Uyen Lau (BS 2013)

David Diaz (BS 2013)

Yale Yuen (BS 2013)

Michael Thai (BS 2013)

Rene Quiroz (BS 2014)

Belen Becerra (BS 2014)

Anthony Li (BS 2014)

Ivan Felix (BS 2015)

​Van Thai (BS 2015)

Ryan Paw (BS 2015)

Alex Anh-Tu Nguyen (BS 2017)